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 Talent, brand, IP and media management

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Stuart Snaith has worked in publishing and television for over 30 years. His contacts in the entertainment business and other industry sectors, his understanding of talent and his experience as both buyer and seller of intellectual property, give him a unique insight into the more imaginative opportunities to package and sell bright ideas around the world.

Devising new entertainment formats

ad lib

Stuart Snaith is actively involved in devising original live, digital and broadcast formats for key talent. In 2013 he launched Ad Lib at the Edinburgh Festival - the most successful show etc etc - which is now in development for TV, and he is responsible for staging new live comedy and in-conversation shows at the Olympic Cinema in Barnes and Glastonbury.

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Developing shows for television

Henry Winkler

Stuart Snaith works with writers, performers and producers to develop programming, identify appropriate production partners and broker deals. He currently has in development shows featuring Henry Winkler (aka The Fonz), two shows with BBC in-house, the live show Ad Lib, which broke records at the 2013 Edinburgh Festival, a game show, a chat show and two scripted sitcoms.

Brokering fruitful publishing deals

Published shows

Stuart Snaith provides insightful advice on publishing opportunities in all formats, identifying appropriate publishing and distribution partners and brokering deals. Current clients include Shazam Productions (Only Fools and Horses), Endor Productions (Roald Dahl's Esio Trot, Victoria Wood's That Day We Sang), and North One Productions (Guy Martin). Stuart is also on the UK launch team of the extraordinary app Mikz.

Facilitating media for social change

Published shows

Stuart Snaith sets up partnerships between writers and producers and corporations looking to fulfil their social responsibilities through inspiring media productions. Projects are ongoing with A Sense of Calm and the London Bus Theatre Co, addressing dementia care and teenage bullying respectively, as well as a project tackling dyslexia.

+44 (0)7718 893486